High Efficiency Energy Saving Aerator(ESA) & Application

A. Distinction and Necessity of ESA

(1) Distinction

- Newer Aerator with Higher Efficiency made by improving many problem of existing aerator. (Obtain a patent)
- ESA has very high oxygen transfer efficiency which allows the volumetric load of BOD & nitrogen in the aeration tank to increase. For this reason, ESA can reduce the area that required to build aeration tank about 50%.
- Membrane aerator was expendable, but ESA is not. ESA does not need to change to lasting.
- ESA can maintain high concentration of MLSS to get a great treatment efficiency.
- ESA can applied to the treatment of organic wastewater, high concentrated nitrogen wasterwater and non-biodegradable wastewater. because of its high oxygen trasfer efficiency.
- When problem occurs at conventional process by increased inflow raw water, replacement of membrane aerator to ESA can help the problem by higher treatment efficiency.

(2) Necessity of ESA (pain points of membrane aerator)

B. Problem of existing aerator

C. Difference between ESA and Membrane aerator

D. Comparison movie between ESA and Membrane aerator

E. Treatment system with ESA

- If existing system cannot catches an amount of increasing inflow and need to build more aeration tank, ESA can solve the problem without any extension by its great efficiency.
- Produce the process design and construction about high concentration organic wastewater, high concentration nitrogen wastewater and non-biodegradable wastewater treatment.

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