Sewage/Wastewater treatment system

A. Overview / Type

(1) Overview

Various type of wastewater has generated from many houses and industries. Aquaworks Inc. has the complete capability to satisfying customers by the wide experience and professional manpower who can design optimal process with new technology. We always do the best effort to the technology development to be the best.
If you have any issues about sewage/wastewater processes, please contact Aquaworks Inc.

(2) TYPE

- Usual Sewage/wastewater treatment system(Conventional activated sludge, SBR, MLE, A/O, A2/O, Etc)
- Sewage/wastewater treatment system with high-efficiency energy saving aerator (ESA) applied (obtain a patent)
- Sewage/Wastewater treatment system using membrane (MBR)
- Sewage/Wastewater treatment system using Media (MBBR, treatment system using Fixed- media)
* please contact Aquaworks Inc. when you have a problem about Sewage/wastewater problem.
We can provide best solutions after diagnose your water treatment systems precisely.

B. Process

(1) Usual process of sewage treatment system

(2) Sewage/Excrements/Garbage leachate treatment process

(3) MLE process

(4) MBR process

(5) MBBR process

(6) Process of using high-efficiency aerator