Water Supply System using Membrane

A. Overview

Pure and ultra-pure water is a method of treating the primary treated feedwater with high-purification of ion exchange resin, R/O (Reverse Osmosis) membrane, sterilization, etc. and It refers to nearly pure water that has eliminated inorganic salts, organic matter, microorganisms, dissolved gas, etc. It is called DIW (De-ionized Water), or UPW(Ultra-Pure Water), and sometimes called ‘Blank Water’ means ‘Nothing’.

The degree of ion removal and higher Specific Resistivity(MΩ) distinguish ultrapure water from pure water and these waters are used to pharmaceutical manufacturing industries, semiconductor industries, electronical industry like LCD manufacturing, washing solutions and for laboratory and solvent manufacturing.

B. Industrial Water Utilization Process

C. Treatment process

D. Pure treatment process

E. Ultrapure water treatment process

F. Construction Cases (M company pure system (2,400tons/day), S company ultrapure system (72 tons/day))

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G. Construction Case (D Company's ultrapure water system (50 ton/day)

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